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Unlock The Spiritual CEO Within You

In a world where professional women are taking charge of their lives and leaving traditional careers behind to pursue their dreams, are you ready to join them? Meet Julie, your guide on this transformative journey. With over 28 years of experience, she has honed techniques and tools that resonate with her soul's path, allowing her to offer a heart-centered approach to coaching women through a prosperous business journey.

Julie's clients are not newcomers to the business world, but they are embarking on a new adventure: owning and fully embodying the role of CEO in their own lives. Her unique method starts from the inside out, guiding you to unlock the CEO within you. Everything you desire is well within your grasp when you embark on this empowering journey with Spirited Soul Coaching.

"CEO = Clarity-Energy-Overflow vs Confusion-Exhaustion-Overwhelm"
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The Joy Break

With my Joyful CEO Life Program, I help you put into perspective what sets your soul on fire, and together we forge a roadmap to guide you to Breakthroughs in your Business.

Because we are using proven techniques, tools, and action steps that I have created, we create boundaries around your vision to give you focus and clarity.

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The Joyful CEO Life Program

This is a year-long journey to ground a true transformation that deepens as we continue to work together. The feeling of excitement and positive emotion that is powerful now has your boat turned around; you are no longer paddling upstream! You are transforming your thoughts and emotions, and your new habits of thinking feed your soul, serve your vision, and the overflow is happening. A NEW CEO awaits you. You will change from Confusion > Exhaustion > Overwhelm to Clarity > Energy > Overflow. The visceral effect of our work together has begun to instill behavior patterns as you are now flowing downstream with ease, excitement, and grace!

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Client Experiences

Laurie Ann H. 

I love the personal connection Julie makes with her clients. Her insights are deeply powerful. The first phase of the program has already helped me create new habits and boundaries that are impacting my life. I do feel supported, and guided and her wisdom brings out the best in me.

Mary S.

Thanks to Julie and her gentle approach, the program she has created is bringing to the surface blocks and challenges I've been holding on to for years. To see them is to face them and to face them is to overcome them. I’m feeling much more comfortable saying “no” when I need to with confidence. I no longer feel helpless because of my fear of offending people and I am gaining back time in my week for my business and the things I love to do.

Katy McG.

I sought out Julie's support while in the midst of a job change, searching for a position that would further my career, support my family and afford my quality time with my loved ones Throughout the entire process, Julie offered me insight, encouragement and advice through the job hunting. After three months of working with Julie, I am happy to announce I have landed a dream job offering more than I could have imagined. I am grateful for her support and would highly recommend her programs.

Imagine if This was You. Are You Ready to Have a more Joyful CEO Life?

Jumpstart your business/life with a clear vision

Own Your Brilliance 

Yes! Saying yes to your priorities, self care & self love 

Fall in Love with the rhythm of your day

Unapologetically take bold action

Live your life in joy!

Recognizing Your Potential and Moving Forward with Change

Transform your patterns of thought, and the patterns around you will transform.

Is something deep within you, at your core, ready for change and improvement? I help you focus on your desire, recognize how you feel when you're in the flow of your passion, and give you the tools to keep you in that momentum. We raise your expectations together, so you focus on a new place of being, hatch new ideas, and attract overflow and success.

My Joyful CEO Life program will build your momentum as I take you from overwhelm to overflow and help guide you through the phases with innovative action steps that will create results for you. As we implement these steps, you will begin to transform your thoughts, develop new habits and experience the joys of being the C>E>O>. 

Each 30-day Phase is a vibrational match to you and your soulful purpose. We build on what guides you emotionally towards the Soulful CEO you are longing to be and raise your awareness to feel the pride in your work, know your worth experience the joyous expansion of a C>E>O life.

Phase 1

Look at where you are in contrast to where you want to be. Building on the foundation of what lies within you as we identify your “mind blocks” and open up a “mind-full” of possibilities to your thoughts. We work with tools to identify, define and create new habits.

Phase 2

Your growth will happen as you trust the process and become aware of your strengths and boundaries. Through our work together, you will go from imagining the goal /vision to learning how to live in that vision. Living in this mindful prosperity opens doors for you as your struggles turn to triumphs and you begin to elevate your thinking.

Phase 3 & Beyond

Prosperity is abundantly flowing; you can no longer look at lack and be in alignment with your dream life. The tools you’ve acquired give you the appreciation you need to attract the success in your life and career that you desired when we began. New habits are solidifying through the accountability, support, and guidance you have received over the last 90-days, and you can see yourself taking bigger and bolder steps forward. 

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