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Apr 29, 2024

My mantras aren’t working 

Good morning!

You’re saying all the positive affirmations, you recite your mantras in the mirror every day, you listen to YouTube manifesting gurus, and yet what you desire has not yet shown up!!😪  F R U S T R A T I N G!

Doubt and disappointment enter… What am I doing wrong? Why are these not working for me? I’ve been at this for so long, and I know this stuff.  

Before I get into this week’s JOLT, let me give you some scientific facts about how we are wired. (See, there is nothing wrong with you!) Stay with me for a moment.

When you add an elevated emotion to what you are saying, such as gratitude, love, joy, inspiration, excitement, awe, and wonder, you tap into the feeling that you anticipate you will have when you manifest your intent and feel the emotion ahead of the experience.

 In other words, a heartfelt emotion. Now, you are creating an electrical charge (your intention) with the magnetic charge (elevated emotion), creating an electromagnetic signature that is equal to your state of being.

Thank you, Dr. Joe Dispenza!

Ok, enough about science! Take a few deep breaths. Get into the feeling that all you desire desires you and is waiting for you to be a vibrational match.

⚡️[JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT⚡️

I’ve been at this for a while
I say all my affirmations every day
I recited all my favorite mantras
I believe it has to work, or I wouldn’t be doing it
So you’re saying there is a way for it to work for me
So you’re saying if I get into an energy of excitement
An energy of gratitude
An energy of love
An energy of wonder
An energy of possibilities
I will see my desires appear 
I will see what I’ve had on my vision board for years
I will see what I’ve secretly been dreaming of
Ok, so now I will enter into a feeling of gratitude
I’m in a feeling of happiness and gratitude
I’m closing my eyes and being in the present moment
I’m feeling that my dream has come true
I love the feeling I have, as I can see it in my mind
I love the feeling of having it now
I love being able to tell everyone it has happened
I love being able to feel the emotions right now
I love knowing how I am feeling right now is the key
I love feeling it right now
I love feeling great right now
I love feeling hope right now
I love feeling grateful right now

That’s how we do it! I would love it if you send me and email right now ([email protected]) and let me know how this landed with you!

Making this part of who you are is a habit; your inner knowing is waiting and excited to create new habits. I have tools to help with that. 

It takes daily practice, and you are one decision away from that. 

Let’s chat about what is coming up for you! 

You’ve got this,

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