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juliekraschinsky juliesjoyfuljolts11-22-22 spiritedsoulcoaching Nov 21, 2022

Hey Beautiful Soul, 

This last year, I've chosen to live my life "In Joy," and it's made all the difference! One of my favorite quotes is, "I don't attack; I attract... What

Belongs to me simply finds me." I'm more in the flow than in the "trying to make it happen" mode. This week's JOLT is something I created for myself when the "Sunday Scaries" crept in.

Take a deep breath with me..........

Today could have taken a different path.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I wanted to accomplish

I felt, "why did I take Fri-Sat & Sunday off!!!"

Instead of celebrating a BIG win (having a successful September) and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment, I was already on to my next goal!

Thankfully I'm immersed in the work of acting as the woman in my three-year vision.

Thankfully I'm surrounded by a community of brain trainers and ease and flow. 

Thankfully I have the tools and awareness to get out of this feeling of angst fast.

I love knowing that everything is unfolding just as it should

I love that I can take a few deep breaths, reset and redirect my thoughts

I love that I can take hold of the situation before the situation has a hold on me

I love that I can take my mountain of a to-do list down to 3 big rocks and feel ease & flow in completing them

I love writing my aFFORMamtions daily (curious what this is? Message me back.), breathing deeply, taking walks in nature, and setting my good feeling intentions to calm my nervous system.

I love how I'm feeling better already!

I love that I just changed the direction of my morning to one that flows downstream instead of pushing upstream.

I love how I'm off to a fantastic day!

I love how I can go back and read this over and over and feel good again.

I love Mondays!!

I love Mondays!!

I love Mondays!!

BAM, that's how it's done! 

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