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Break free from waiting, shape your destiny today

Hello Soulful Friend,

Have you ever had those times when you keep hearing the same messages? It may come from different sources and slightly different ways, but still, you feel The Universe trying to get your attention. That was me last week, so I wanted to share a JOLT I created for myself. 

But first, let me tell you what kept showing up for me. I was "tired of waiting" for the perfect time to start something. A new, healthier way of eating: exercising more consistently, drinking more water, launching an idea, taking up a new hobby, spending more time with friends and family, and less time working, etc. All of these have been my thoughts, and as I began implementing this new leading-edge growth, my results were not coming fast enough!

So many of us are waiting to go from "here" to "there ." But in reality, there is no "there". We only have here and now. So many of us believe we will be happy when… I get this, I have this, I am this, this happens, etc. 

These feelings make us tired, overwhelmed, embarrassed, angry, and disappointed. But we don't have to stay here "waiting for it ." We can be happy right where we are NOW. 

Let's get into the now so we can be surprised when what we desire shows up
out of the blue.

⚡️[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]⚡️

I'm tired of not seeing any results
I'm tired of trying to do all the things 
I'm tired of trying to make things happen
I feel like I can't do enough to get the results I desire
I keep feeling that if certain things were different, I'd feel better
I keep feeling that if maybe I did more (insert your own), I'd be happier
I am pretty happy with my life, but is there something more I could do
I am pretty happy with my life but is life asking me to become more
I am pretty happy with my life, but could I be more fulfilled
I want my results to be different
I want my results to show up faster
I want my results to hurry up and get here
Ok, hold on here a minute
Am I not seeing any results
Am I trying too hard to get to a different place
Now I'm remembering to slow down in order to speed up
Slow down to speed up
Slow down to speed up
I am making some progress
I am seeing some results
I am going to remember to celebrate those small wins
I am celebrating what is working and what feels like success
I like how that feels 
I like knowing that I am only in this moment
I enjoy knowing that I don't have to be anywhere else to feel joy
I like knowing that I can turn my thoughts around quickly

I AM Happy ~ I AM Healthy ~ I AM Abundant ~ I AM JOY

Ah…. I feel better just typing that out and reading it again. How about you?

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May your year be full of Joy and Prosperity,




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