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I created this mess?

Hello Beautiful friend!

I like to read; I always have. When I was a young girl, I enjoyed Nancy Drew. Then I expanded to romance novels, then on to mysteries. When I was introduced to personal development and then on to universal laws, I became what you could call obsessed. I can’t get enough of it! 

I have been researching how the brain works and educating myself on neuroscience—it’s fascinating! Thus, I say in my preview, “I created this mess?”   

Science has confirmed that our thoughts and feelings create our results. If we believe this, then we have to acknowledge that what we are living today is a result of our thoughts from the past. So, if this is true, let’s create the new future we truly desire.

⚡️[JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT⚡️

It’s hard to believe that I could have created this mess
It’s hard to believe I would have wanted this situation
It’s hard to believe that I would have wished this on my enemy
I couldn’t have done this
I wouldn’t have done this
I shouldn’t have done this
Rant over!
Ok, if that is true, what can I do about it now
If that is true, what can I do to have a different outcome
If that is true, what could I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again
If that is true, what was I thinking
I am going to start taking note of what I am thinking
I am going to start noticing when I am thinking of what I don’t want
I am going to start being more aware and nip it in the bud
I am designing my life as I envision it
I am designing the way I want my day to pan out
I am designing the way I react when things go array 
I feel better already
This feels good
This is how I want to feel
This is how I am meant to feel
I’m ready to take intentional action
I’m ready to take intentional action
I’m ready to take intentional action

YES! Feel good first, then take the first step that you DO know to take.

I want to share what one of my clients and past beach attendees had to say about her experience at my first-ever transformational beach retreat. 

If you’d like to know more details and how you can have a similar experience, CLICK HERE.

Here is what Julie S. shared with me: 

“After attending Julie’s retreat, I felt relaxed and invigorated. It was a rejuvenating experience dedicated to me and the wonderful ladies who joined. It was not only at a beautiful location but the perfect beach day. I felt calm and appreciative of where I was as I engaged in self-reflection. It was a safe space to celebrate ME! I left inspired to continue my life with joy and gratitude. Thank you, Julie, for putting on such an incredible retreat. I look forward to the next one! 

Hurry and grab the last few spots available—it will be something you will thank yourself for a very long time!

Cheers to Feeling Good First,

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