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Got big goals but don’t feel like working?

Hi Beautiful!

I’ve been there! I want to make a difference. I want to feel accomplished, but I can’t find the motivation. 

I want you to know….it’s ok……. We were taught that the only way to accomplish things was to get up, make your bed, do your rigid morning routine, and set good habits. 

Yes and no! These things are all great, but what about you focus on how you feel first? What about feeling good about yourself and all that you DO have before you do any of those things? 

Those things differ from moving the needle forward in your business or life goals. If you are beating yourself up, feeling guilty because you did not check off all the items on your “to-do list,” or feeling like you wasted your day, none of those things mean a darn thing. And I am here to give you permission to release it and let it go!!

Let it go, and let’s GO…… this week’s JOLT was inspired by my good friend, Robyn, who felt terrible about not getting things done. She has such a big, audacious goal to help so many people. 

⚡️[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]⚡️

I have so much I want to accomplish today
I really wanted to get stuff done
I really have some big goals
Why do I feel like I wasted my day
If I wasn’t going to do anything productive…..
Why didn’t I do something I would love to do
Why didn’t I go to the movies
Why didn’t I read a book on my patio
Why didn’t I meet a friend for lunch
Because I was taught that to be successful, I had to hustle
Make things happen
Work hard
Work long
I have to make things happen
When, in fact, I can’t work hard enough to make things happen
When I’m in this negative energy field, nothing is going to happen
When I’m in my joy energy field, things happen
When I’m in my joy energy field, I can veg, and still, things happen
Of course, I should take some action
But intentional, feel-good action
Yeah….that feels better
I like the way feel-good action sounds
I think I’m going to read that book
I think I’m going to call a friend to go to lunch
I think I’m going to do that thing that makes me happy
Then, when I take action, things seem to pop
I like it when things pop
I like it when people reach out to me
I like it when people seek me out
I like when people refer me
Yes……that feels so good
I like it
I like it
I like it

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May your year be full of Joy and Prosperity,


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