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Feeling Taxed? Let's Add Some Joy to Your Inbox!

Good, glorious morning to you!

While on a call the other day, one of the women said, "I hate the IRS." 🤔 I immediately thought, "That was harsh!" As a business owner, you're going to owe taxes. In fact, if you are making money, you will owe taxes.

Julie, this is supposed to be filled with joy! Why are you talking about taxes???? 😝 because it's how you look at things. You're not alone. We look at our bank accounts and then make decisions based on what we see.

 I know this is your reality, but what about if you were in control (and you are!) of telling your money where to go?

⚡️[JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT⚡️


Let’s begin:

I didn't plan for this "unexpected" bill
I didn't plan to have to pay this much
I buried my head in the sand all year
Now, I am paying the price 
I don't like how this feels
Having said this, I am now aware 
Having realized that I am the creator of this
I know better
I know what I should do
I know what I should have done
But I failed to do it
I'm taking a breath
Deep breath in, deep breath out
It's going to be ok
It always works out
I haven't died from this before
I know I can turn this around
I know being aware is the first step
I know making a different decision is next
Starting today, I am going to start planning
Even if it's just one baby step
Even if I don't know all of what to do
Today, I start a new habit
Today, I will begin to tell my money where to go
I know money is just energy
I know I can direct it to my bank account
I know with some practice, I can start to control it
I know with some daily practice, I can start to see it
I like knowing that I AM in control
That feels good
That feels empowering
That feels like confidence
That feels like a win
Yeah! I feel so much better!  

Doesn't it feel better to address your feelings and then shift away from them? After all, most people stay too long, focusing on the problem. I'm paraphrasing Albert Einstein, who said, "You can't solve the problem with the same thoughts that created it."

I hope you will use this tax day to start a new thought pattern about anything that is weighing you down and conquer the rest of your week in joy!

Have a Blessed Week,

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