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Welcome To Your Weekly Dose Of Joy

julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 4-3-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Apr 03, 2023

Welcome to your Monday Mind-set Morning!

This week our family got some really good news! I have to believe it was because I prayed for it, trusted the outcome, and released the worry around it. This can be challenging for us humans!!!! In the past, I had asked, prayed, and then continued to worry!!!

Does anyone else relate to this?

It takes practice, especially if this has been a habit or a pattern you have developed over the years. I'm here to tell you that you can cause a "mind-shift" and create a new "mind-set." 

Let's dive into this week's [JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT⚡️

Sometimes I find myself worrying.

I sometimes worry about little things.

I sometimes worry about big things.

I find that when I keep thinking about it, it gets bigger

I see what I focus on magnifies

I see when I focus on the problem; it feels heavy

I know that this is just a habit I have developed

I know if I can change my thinking, I can feel better about it

I know that most things I worry about never even happen

I'm going to decide to choose a new thought around the situation

I" m going to start speaking and thinking about the positive outcome

I don't have to know "how" or "when"; I need to trust

I have hope

I have faith

I have trust

I will start today thinking differently 

I will notice what I'm thinking throughout my day

I will make shifts when I become aware

I will choose a new affirmation or mantra 

I will picture it as already done

I can do this

I will do this

I am doing this

And that is how it is done!  

 Could you feel the "shift" in your energy?

 Remember, energy flows where your attention goes!

So choose to feel good about it right now, and you will see it appear in your world!

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