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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 5-15-23 life coach spirited soul coaching May 16, 2023

Hi Beautiful Soul,

On Saturday, May 6th, I launched my new series, 

"Car Coaching with Julie." Did you catch it?

I decided to BE the woman who delivers valuable weekly content to my private Facebook Group.

If you missed it, you can watch it once you are a part of our savvy group of women - click below to ask to join here.

If you are new to my Weekly Dose of JOY, I created this to help you conquer any sticking points that might arise as you begin your work week. Each week I deliver a JOLT [JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT], which stands for Joyfully Overcoming Limited Thinking.

We turn a thought or feeling into a "feel good" moment.

Others have told me they print and read it throughout the day. I hope it blesses you and keeps you JOYFUL!

This is a conversation I have several times a week — 

"When I have (fill in the blank) then I will do...and then I will be..:" Example: "When I have the money, then I will be able to (do the thing), and then I will be successful." 

You do not receive what you want; you do not receive what you pray for, not even what you have faith in! You will always receive what you actually expect! Some people even "prepare for the worst so they won't be disappointed." 

Let's dive in!!!!!

I know I say I have faith, but sometimes I waiver

I know I pray and then try to still "make things happen" on my own

It gets exhausting worrying and trying to" figure it all out."

I know there is a simpler way, but it's not always easy

I've been thinking this way for a long time

I have had these thoughts that aren't equal to what I am asking for

I am learning to change how I'm "waiting" for what I'm asking for 

I am learning to pray and be thankful that it's all lining up for me without me "doing it."

I am learning to release how it will show up or where it will come from

I am becoming more aware of just "being" rather than "doing."

It feels lighter to "be" rather than "do."

It feels lighter to allow it to come to me rather than me trying to make it happen.

I like how it feels when I'm taking deep breaths, releasing the angst, and letting it flow to me.

I like how it feels to be calm and joyful

I know I am a human "being" and not a human "doing."

I know when I have calm and peace in my day, I take feel-good action.

I know when I'm peaceful and faithful, I want to take action

I like taking action when I feel good

I like the results I get when I feel good first and then take action

I like feeling like I can Be, Do & Have anything I desire if I release control of it

I like Being, Doing, and then Having

I like that; Be, Do, Have

I like that; Be, Do, Have

I like that; Be, Do, Have

I am the woman (or man) who can Be, Do, and Have it all!


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