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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 5-6-24 life coach spirited soul coaching May 06, 2024

Slow down to speed up

Hello beautiful!

There is so much to learn when we slow down. In this hectic, instant-gratification life, we miss so much by filling our days with back-to-back appointments, rushing to and from one thing to another, and even talking more than listening!

Over the last few years, I have been practicing slowing down, which has actually sped up my results. I've allowed myself space on my calendar between appointments, time to walk in nature almost every day (weather permitting), and extra time for my morning quiet time.

I'm permitting you to schedule less on your calendar this month, leave space in your day to create, and take time off to do something you love. It's OK! The world will not stop without you!  Time will expand, and what you desire will be a vibrational match to you and find you!!


⚡️[JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT⚡️

I'm going to start leaving space in my calendar
I'm going to start slowing down 
I'm going to take time to enjoy what I have created
I'm going to start to take it all in and reflect
I like knowing when I slow down, I'm in the flow
I like the idea of slowing down
I like the idea of when I slow down, I attract with ease
I like taking a few slow breaths when I am hurried
I like to take a few moments to breathe and re-access
I like slowing down to speed up
I like how slowing down feels good, so I'm in a flow
I like being in a flow of ease and calm
I like the feeling of ease, calm, and peace
I know I will be OK when I slow down
I know working hard isn't the answer
I know being intentional with my time is what matters
I know it's not how many hours I can get in that matters
It's a good feeling to leave space and then take action
It's a good feeling knowing that less is more
It's a good feeling to have time to do what I love
It's a good feeling to be in control of my calendar
It's a good feeling
I like this new way of thinking
I like this new way of being
I like the new me!
I like the new me!
I like the new me!

BAM! Breathe. Just breathe. I hope that feels good and that you will give yourself permission to slow down. It takes practice, discipline, and forming a new habit.

I will have something fun to share with you in May. It will help you spring into action and earn some fun swag and prizes to motivate you.

It's all happening in my Facebook VIP Group. Click HERE to learn all about it or ask to join if you are not already a member.

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Your Partner in JOY,

P.S. MAY's Theme:  Money Making Miraculous May, what's yours?

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