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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 5-8-23 life coach spirited soul coaching May 08, 2023

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Many of you don't know much about my history. I was born 22 years after my oldest brother and 12 years after my sister as a mid-life "oops" baby. My mother had her first child at 18 and me at 41; my dad was 48. They were already grandparents and really didn't "want" another child.

Having said that, my mother always said there was a reason for a mid-life baby. I grew up with many nieces and nephews close to my age and had a large extended family and many friends. My childhood was fun and full of life! 

 My mother passed away on New Year's Day, 31 years to the day that her mother passed away. I was 31 when she died. The year I had my daughter. My mother never had the chance to meet my children or see me as a grandmother (Glammy & Me-Maw).

Today she would be proud of the woman I've become and the obstacles I've overcome over the years. I'm proud of the woman I have become. It hasn't always been easy, and I know I've turned down some bumpy roads, but those are the moments that define us or, should I say, "refine" us.

Enjoy this week's 

Dose of JOY and [JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT⚡

Some days I find, I complain often

Some days I hear myself talking about what is not working

Some days the thoughts in my head don't align with what I desire

Some days my thoughts and words are just plain negative

Some days I must give myself some grace; then re-calibrate

Ok, I see where this is taking me

I know it's not the feeling that I desire

I know that I'm in control of what I am saying and thinking

I know no one else can think in my head

I know that I can turn my day around with this rampage of appreciation

I do appreciate all that I DO have

I do have a pretty darn good life

Things ARE working out for me 

I do like the way I'm starting to feel now

I do like this feeling of lightness and calm

I do like feeling light, airy, and ease

I do like this feeling much better 

I do like that I know how to make the switch

I appreciate all that I have

I am grateful for all that I have

I appreciate all that I have

I appreciate all that I have accomplished

I appreciate all that I have become

I appreciate all that I AM

I hope these Weekly Doses of JOY bless and serve you. 

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