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Good morning soulful friend!

If you’re one of my clients, you know that I love diving into how the mind works.
One of my favorite people to study is Neville Goddard. 
He references the imagination as how we impress our 
Desires on our Inner Being. 

One of the ways is to use the Law of Assumption. I thought I would take a week off from a JOLT &
share a short excerpt from my course, 
The Joyful CEO Life Program adapted from 
Neville Goddard’s Law of Assumption

The Law of Assumption states that whatever you assume to be true in your imagination or mind, if persisted, will eventually manifest in your physical reality.

  • Your assumptions shape your reality, influencing your thoughts, feelings, and actions and attracting corresponding experiences.
  • Assumptions are beliefs or thoughts you hold to be accurate, regardless of the current external circumstances.
  • Your dominant assumptions, especially those fueled by intense emotions and held with conviction, have a powerful creative influence on the events and circumstances you encounter.
  • Imagination is the gateway to creating new assumptions. By vividly imagining your desired outcomes and dwelling on the feeling of their fulfillment, you strengthen the power of your assumptions.
  • You should assume the feeling of the wish being fulfilled. By assuming the emotions and sensations associated with your desired outcome, you align yourself with its manifestation.
  • Your assumptions should be aligned with your goals and intentions, focusing on the end result rather than the means or specific details of how it will happen.
  • Consistency is key. You must maintain your assumptions even when faced with contradicting external evidence or temporary setbacks.
  • The importance of living, in the end, means you mentally and emotionally reside in the state of having already achieved your desired outcome.
  • Faith is essential. Trust in the power of your assumptions and the belief that they will manifest is crucial for their realization.

The Law of Assumption works through the subconscious mind, influencing its programming and attracting corresponding opportunities, people, and circumstances into your life.

I love this stuff! Over the decades, I have studied, learned much, and taken a deep dive into it with my spiritual mentor/coach for the last four years. 

Now I’m blessed to be able to carry on the legacy and teach what I have been putting into practice.

If you’ve been feeling a little deflated, tired of not getting the desired results, or feel like you could give up about now…I invite you to reach out to me by replying to this email or scheduling a chat.

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