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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 8-21-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Aug 21, 2023

Hi there beautiful soul!

Is summer winding down? Well, if you have school-age kids, it is! I remember being a little sad when my kids went back to school. Summer went by so fast, never getting in all we wanted to do!

Have you been watching my short videos of the  "Empowered Entrepreneurial Masterclass Series" in my private Facebook GroupI am sharing ways to set up your day, create a life you love and slow down to speed up your results. This week I share Tools to Overcome Overwhelm. Tune in tomorrow at 12 PST live or watch the recording. 

⚡️ [JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]⚡️

This week's JOLT is about slowing down to speed up your results. We do this by acknowledging your feelings (not bypassing them) and creating a positive shift in your thoughts & your actions.

Let's go!!

Some days I feel exhausted.

Some days I just want to wave a magic wand to get my results.

Some days just drag on, and I don't see any progress.

I could take a nap (but I just woke up, lol).

I could go for a walk (but it's too hot out).

I could meditate (that would work, too!).

Enter 🎶Music 🎶

I'm going to put on some music and dance around the house!

I know music will bring the energy I need to get moving!

Just playing some upbeat music for a few minutes feels so good

I am feeling lighter and more energized! 

I am feeling more motivated and inspired!

I love the feeling of moving my body and getting the blood flowing!

I love knowing that now when I take action, I will get better results!

BAM! It's as simple as that! Take a Joy Break - slow down, and you will speed up your results; I promise!!! You can't feel bad after dancing to music! 

Let me know what song you danced to! 



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