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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 9-18-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Sep 18, 2023

Good glorious morning!

Do you like to read? When I was young, I would read romance novels, and then I went on to read mysteries. I used to read for entertainment. Now, I read to learn and to improve my life, and I hope to improve the lives of others around me.

"Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement." ~ James Clear

In the book "Atomic Habits," James Clear points out that to make our lives better, much of it depends on the habits we have formed.

Often, you don't need to make massive changes in your habits, but it could take as little as a 1% improvement to create a more significant difference over time. (Remember last week I shared that my word for September is Simplify?) 

Let's dive right into this Week's Dose of JOY with a

⚡️ [JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]⚡️

I like knowing that I have total control over my thoughts.
I like knowing I'm in charge of my thoughts.
I know sometimes a negative thought comes through.
I like how quickly I can catch it before it grabs hold of me.
I know some of my thoughts are just habits I've formed.
I know that my ideas and choices impact my actions.
I know that my actions then impact my day and my future.
I like being a proactive thinker and "nip it in the bud."
I am focusing on being a master of my emotions.
I am now forming new habits with my thoughts.
I am no longer allowing my negative thoughts to take hold.
I am no longer accepting what is happening "to me."
I am the creator of my world with my choices. 
I choose to form a new habit around how I react.
I choose to keep my new habit alive by practicing it.
I choose to focus on this new habit 
My new habit is my new normal
I like my new normal
Yes! This is my new normal!

BAM! You are a conscious creator, AND doesn't it feel good to know you are in control?

I'm open to supporting a few more "change makers" in my Joyful CEO Life Community. Are you ready to make a 1% change that will be 100% fulfilling? 

Let's make it easy! Inquire about what it takes to be a Joyful CEO. Drop me a quick text (818-266-9662) or reply with a YES to see if we can make it work!

Be blessed!


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