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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 4-3-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Apr 03, 2023

Welcome to your Monday Mind-set Morning!

This week our family got some really good news! I have to believe it was because I prayed for it, trusted the outcome, and released the worry around it. This can be challenging for us humans!!!! In the past, I had asked, prayed, and then continued to worry!!!

Does anyone else relate to this?

It takes practice, especially if this has been a habit or a pattern you have developed over the years. I'm here to tell you that you can cause a "mind-shift" and create a new "mind-set." 

Let's dive into this week's [JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT

Sometimes I find myself worrying.

I sometimes worry about little things.

I sometimes worry about big things.

I find that when I keep thinking about it, it gets bigger

I see what I focus on magnifies

I see when I focus on the problem; it feels heavy

I know that this is just a habit I have developed

I know if I can change my thinking, I can feel better about it

I know that most things I worry about never even...

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