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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 5-20-24 life coach spirited soul coaching May 20, 2024

It was magical, want on the invite list?

I'm still on cloud nine after two glorious days of transformation for those who attended our beach retreat. It was magical to see how we all created the space we needed to allow ideas to flow easily and effortlessly. More about the retreat another day!

This is a good time for me to remind you, even if you did not get to attend the retreat, to continue to practice any new tools or ideas you learned recently. Too often, we attend a conference, a workshop, or some information-packed event, come home, put our notebooks aside, and get back to our usual routine. Can you relate? Well, let's work on changing that today.

[JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT

I say I want to make a change
I attend events and purchase programs to help me
I take lots of notes when I am there
I usually don't go back and look at my notes
I rarely put what I learned into action
Until now
I am making a decision to make a change
I am implementing what I learned this past week
I am making a...

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