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julie kraschinsky juliesjoyfuljolt4-10-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Apr 10, 2023

Good Monday Morning!


Each week I'm in many conversations with entrepreneurs; 

One of the most common rough edges they come up against is clarity. Often that lack of clarity creates indecision, and suddenly the excitement and flow in their business come to a screeching halt. 

I don't know about you, but I wanted to be my own boss when I was an employee. 

Now that I'm my own boss, I often seek advice on "what to do next!" Becoming an entrepreneur and embracing the life of a CEO did not come with a manual!!!!

With this week's [JJJ] Julie's Joyful JOLT, let's conquer indecision by allowing more clarity and flow.

I don't like when I feel unclear

I don't like the feeling when I'm indecisive

I know it causes me to freeze

I know this isn't helping me get to where I want to go

Having clarity is a fantastic feeling

I've had clarity in the past before

I'm open to feeling clear again right now

I'm starting to dig up the sense of clarity


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