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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 1-8-24 life coach spirited soul coaching Jan 10, 2024

Do you have a trust issue?

After conducting some recent market research, I discovered that a common obstacle was women needing to be more trusting and trusting themselves.

Does this resonate with you?

Several women wanted change in their lives but didn’t seek support because they didn’t trust themselves to do the work.  

This time of year, many set intentions, New Year’s resolutions, and promises to themselves. Several weeks in, the feeling wanes, and we slip back into the old routine and way of doing things.

You want to believe you can change.
You want to trust yourself to follow through.
You want to know you are going to do it this time.

But do you believe it? Will it stick this time?

I’d love to offer some reframing of this limited belief so you can live a life full of JOY, ease & abundance. You don’t have to do this entrepreneurial journey alone. Try this below.

⚡️[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]⚡️

I know I’ve said I was going to do (insert) in the past
I believed I would stick with it
I wanted to trust that I would follow through
Ok, I’m going to JOLT myself out of this limited-thinking
I know it’s just a decision I can choose to make
Once I decide the Universe will deliver my results
I need to be clear on my desire and start to “see it.”
When I hold the image of it being already done, it feels better
As I keep the vision of (insert), I start to believe it more
When I waiver, and doubt slips in, I pull up my vision 
Keeping my vision of it already here makes it believable
Keeping the feeling of the vision already done feels doable
Keeping the faith and the feeling of the vision makes it real
I AM sticking with my plan
I AM seeing results now
I AM experiencing it
I AM noticing a change
I AM doing it
I AM doing it
I AM doing it


Is now YOUR time to trust yourself and, more so, trust the Universal Intelligence, who always has your back and already knows your desires. You can do this! Let’s put a plan in place!

It doesn’t cost you anything to schedule a quick call to see if I can help you, but hesitating will cost you!

Book it here. I promise you will leave the call feeling hopeful and ready to take some intentional action.

May your year be full of Joy and Prosperity,


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