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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 1-8-24 life coach spirited soul coaching Jan 10, 2024

Do you have a trust issue?

After conducting some recent market research, I discovered that a common obstacle was women needing to be more trusting and trusting themselves.

Does this resonate with you?

Several women wanted change in their lives but didn’t seek support because they didn’t trust themselves to do the work.  

This time of year, many set intentions, New Year’s resolutions, and promises to themselves. Several weeks in, the feeling wanes, and we slip back into the old routine and way of doing things.

You want to believe you can change.
You want to trust yourself to follow through.
You want to know you are going to do it this time.

But do you believe it? Will it stick this time?

I’d love to offer some reframing of this limited belief so you can live a life full of JOY, ease & abundance. You don’t have to do this entrepreneurial journey alone. Try this below.

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I know I’ve said I was going to do...

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