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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 10-2-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Oct 02, 2023

YaY, Beautiful Soul!

One year ago, I launched my first Weekly Dose of JOY and started with one subscriber! Today, we have over 100, and I'm proud to say I am not just adding everyone I know to this list - you either subscribed or are in my private Facebook Group - that's it!

Bringing you your WDOJ (Weekly Dose of Joy or Julie lol) with a short, to-the-point JOLT (a positive rant to help you Joyfully Overcome Limited Thinking) brings me much JOY!

As you are reading this, I am at the airport in my hometown of Buffalo, NY – We went back for a visit, and it was the first since 2017!! 

My cup and my belly are full!  

Before we went back east, we had a beach day at a friend's beach house in Malibu – the weather was so warm and beautiful – It was so nice to unplug and enjoy each other's company. While I was there, my assistant texted me to say another new member joined my networking community –helping me hit a "goal" — that's how it's supposed to be – no "push," no "trying to hit a certain goal" easily and effortlessly.

I love living in the spiritual laws and attraction vs. push energy mode.

That leads me to this week's Weekly Dose of JOY! 

Do more of what makes you happy and hit your goals effortlessly!
I've been in the "doing" mode.
Trying to make things happen.
Trying to hit my goals.
It's exhausting.
I can't work harder.
I can't work longer.
I can't "do anymore."
That is when I remember. 
That is when I pause to remember.
I don't have to push.
I don't have to "go get."
I don't have to "make it happen."
When I do these things, nothing happens.
It feels good to release the push. 
It feels good to know that I did what I could.
It feels good to see that it's up to the Universal Intelligence.
I put my intention out in the Universe.
I put my intention out and took intentional action.
I put my intention out and released the "how." 
I love that the "how" just magically showed up.
I love that I didn't "make it happen."
I love that ease and flow attracted it to me.
I love that ease, flow, and faith attracted it to me.
I love how this works.
I love how this works.
I love how this works.
And I am grateful & thankful with ease and flow!

YAS! Can you feel the energy shift? That's all it is! Energy shifting – we are all magnetic and live in a magnetic field – we don't attract what we want but who we are!  

I'd love to support you in attracting your 4th quarter goals with ease and flow! Doesn't that sound lovely? 

I'm now offering Joy Breakthrough Sessions - Hit reply if you're interested in what this could do for you and your business. Let me help you take a quantum leap in the next 90 days!

To your success,



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