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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 10-2-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Oct 02, 2023

YaY, Beautiful Soul!

One year ago, I launched my first Weekly Dose of JOY and started with one subscriber! Today, we have over 100, and I'm proud to say I am not just adding everyone I know to this list - you either subscribed or are in my private Facebook Group - that's it!

Bringing you your WDOJ (Weekly Dose of Joy or Julie lol) with a short, to-the-point JOLT (a positive rant to help you Joyfully Overcome Limited Thinking) brings me much JOY!

As you are reading this, I am at the airport in my hometown of Buffalo, NY – We went back for a visit, and it was the first since 2017!! 

My cup and my belly are full!  

Before we went back east, we had a beach day at a friend's beach house in Malibu – the weather was so warm and beautiful – It was so nice to unplug and enjoy each other's company. While I was there, my assistant texted me to say another new member joined my networking community –helping me hit a "goal" — that's how it's supposed...

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