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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 8-14-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Aug 14, 2023

Good morning, beautiful!

One of my core values is "FUN." It's a must in my life! What values do you operate your life and business around? 

This week I will deliver you a JOLT keeping FUN in mind when you set out to tackle your "to-do" list, make a phone call that may be a little intimidating, or take action when you’re not feeling it!

Here you go!

⚡️ [JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]⚡️

What would make this task fun?
What could I do to set myself up for success?
What would feel easy and more enjoyable?
Why don't I call someone who lifts me up?
Why don't I play some upbeat music and dance?
Why don't I go outside and take a *joybreak
That's what I'm going to do!
I'm going to go outside for a quick walk, then work.
I'm going to get some good energy flowing, then make those calls.
I know I will have better results when I put my feelings first. 
I'm glad I took time out to set up my energy flow.
I'm glad I took a moment to feel good first and then took action.
I'm glad I didn't give myself a hard time because I wasn't feeling it.
I'm happy I have these tools to help me when I'm feeling off.
I'm going to save these JOLT so I can go back to them when I need them 

*Joybreak is what I teach my clients. 

That is how it's done — no longer are you bound to the old way of thinking or getting things done! Of course, you are still taking action; but we are setting ourselves up for massive success before we take the actionable step.

Did you catch last week's "Empowered Entrepreneurial Masterclass Series?" in my private Facebook Group? These are held live on Tuesdays at noon PST. They are short and effective. Join me live, or catch it later!

Week 1 was: Mastering Your Morning Routine–Discover the power of a purposeful morning routine that sets the tone for a productive and balanced day. 

Tomorrow we focus on Creating Your Vision - We begin to work on crafting a clear and inspiring vision for your business and life. I will touch on developing a roadmap that aligns with your aspirations, propelling you toward growth and achievement.

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