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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 8-14-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Aug 14, 2023

Good morning, beautiful!

One of my core values is "FUN." It's a must in my life! What values do you operate your life and business around? 

This week I will deliver you a JOLT keeping FUN in mind when you set out to tackle your "to-do" list, make a phone call that may be a little intimidating, or take action when you’re not feeling it!

Here you go!

[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]

What would make this task fun?
What could I do to set myself up for success?
What would feel easy and more enjoyable?
Why don't I call someone who lifts me up?
Why don't I play some upbeat music and dance?
Why don't I go outside and take a *joybreak
That's what I'm going to do!
I'm going to go outside for a quick walk, then work.
I'm going to get some good energy flowing, then make those calls.
I know I will have better results when I put my feelings first. 
I'm glad I took time out to set up my energy flow.
I'm glad I took a moment to feel good first and then took action.
I'm glad I didn't give myself a...

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