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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 7-17-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Jul 23, 2023

Hello beautiful soul!!!

I chose to share an older Weekly Dose of Joy & JOLT this week.

It was one of my most "loved," and if you haven't been with me for a while, it will be fresh and new ~ if you have been with me from the beginning, we all need to practice this frequently! (That's how we master deepening our faith & beliefs).

Reflecting on the last 2 years, I'm proud of the imperfect action I have been taking! Until now, I had difficulty making significant decisions without asking everyone their opinion. 

I found that when you ask five people their opinion, they give you their opinion based on their past experiences, current mood, or beliefs.

Having the confidence to sit quietly, ask yourself the questions, and then be prepared to receive the answers. Your Inner Being, Universal Intelligence (for me, it's God), is happy to give you your heart's desire. 

We need to be better receivers!!

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