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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 10-16-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Oct 16, 2023

Good morning, Beautiful!

How many times a day do you say or hear others say, "I'm so busy!"? A few years ago, one of my mentors shared that Mark Cuban declared that "busy" is the new stupid.

Yikes! Who wants to be called stupid??? It was then I decided to remove that word from my vocabulary — for - ever!

Let me share what I replaced it with, and please let me know how it feels when YOU replace the dirty four-letter word that starts with "B." 

[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]

I'm SO busy; how will I get it all done
I'm SO busy; there is never enough time in my day
I'm SO busy; I'm feeling stretched in a million different directions 
I'm SO exhausted
Even just saying, "I'm SO busy" feels exhausting
If busy is the new stupid, then I will choose a new thought
If busy feels exhausting, then what will feel expansive 
Abundantly blessed
I am abundantly blessed
My days are full of abundance
I am blessed to have so much I want to accomplish 
I am blessed with so many people and...

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