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Hi, Friend!

"I choose happy tasks, and they make money." ~ Dana Wilde

I have adopted a mindset of pursuing enjoyable tasks that also generate income, which is shared by my business coach Molly Mahoney. It's a fulfilling way to live. But there are days when my list of tasks seems never-ending, particularly on Mondays. To keep myself energized and positive, I have scheduled Joy Breaks throughout the day. Multiple trips to the park help me recharge and feel refreshed, allowing me to tackle more tasks that give me a sense of satisfaction.

Let's tackle that "to-do" list with JOY with this. 

[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]

I have so much to do today

I feel a bit overwhelmed

I'm not sure where to start

I feel stuck

When I'm overwhelmed, I procrastinate

I do the easy things first 

I know I should get my energy flowing first

Maybe I will play some upbeat music or go for a walk

When I take a break, I feel better

When I take a break, I am motivated to take action

When I come back...

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