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julie kraschinsky julie's joyful jolt 9-11-23 life coach spirited soul coaching Sep 11, 2023

Hi there, beautiful soul!

Each month, I pick a word to focus on. September is Simplify! 

Each year, I choose a word to cultivate and grow with, and I already know that in 2024, I will continue to use Simplify! 

I teach this concept of choosing a word as a mindset goal 

for my clients to focus on and live with this intention for a year. They have all shared that this simple concept of how to be a receiver of more goodness, flow, ease & joy in their business, and life has allowed them to have an awareness that has fundamentally 

helped them to grow! 

You know I am also a student of this~ consistently applying what I learn and teach. After all, if you ingest information and not put it into action, it's merely entertainment.

Let's get into the flow with this week's 

[JJJ - Julie's Joyful JOLT]

Sometimes, I feel so confused
There is so much information coming at me
Emails, text messages, events, social media, OH MY!
When I get confused, I shut down

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